Right now there are 10 million identified threats on the internet.
Within the hour, thousands more threats will be identified.

Let Threat Intelligence Work for You...

What our customers are saying...

  • "Very impressed... I love this thing, it is running great. It’s dropping at least one connection per second. Our firewall logs are now pretty near clean. We are very impressed with the results, and are converting the POC."

    Sr. Director Infrastructure & Security -
    Global Payment Processing Company
  • "All is running great! Honestly, I don’t even think about it much anymore since our firewall hardly ever triggers any intrusion attempts... That’s a major success for us and is saving money (and sleepless nights) for sure."

    CEO - Information Systems Provider for Legal Services Clients
  • "This device is absolutely amazing. Our junk emails are almost nonexistent after 5 days of use. The ability to shield our server from foreign countries not interested in our product is outstanding."

    President - Software Development Company
  • "Quite honestly, from an ROI perspective, it has been an outstanding investment. The PoliWall® TIG instantly cut our global footprint and reduced the attack vectors."

    CIO - Regional General Hospital
  • "Our bank purchased the PoliWall® TIG and I was pleased and impressed with the ease of the installation; it was seamless and took about 30 minutes. The support staff at Bandura Systems is responsive to questions and extremely knowledgeable."

    VP of IT - Community Bank

Reduce Staff Workload

  • Requires almost zero staff attention. The PoliWall® TIG automatically operationalizes threat intelligence. Prevent threats from entering your infrastructure without human intervention. Current customers report a 60% reduction in time spent managing security tasks.
  • More effective blocking = fewer events to respond to. Significantly reduce the staff's valuable time spent on detecting and responding to security instances. Customers report a sharp reduction in security-related support tickets.
  • Automated feeds and prevention. The entire Threat Intelligence Gateway process is automated. Threat feeds are kept updated in near real time, risk factors are analyzed and rules are applied, all made possible by the newest technologies. Should you want other threat feeds included, they are just a few keyboard clicks away.
  • Drops into existing networks PoliWall® TIG is quick and easy to deploy. It is a plug-and-play solution that can be up and running in minutes.
  • Clear reporting PoliWall® TIG provides a modern, easy to use dashboard for viewing and exporting reports.

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Massively Filter What’s Exposed to your Network

  • 100 Million indicators vs. 100 thousand On their best day, firewalls can handle 100,000 rule applications ... with a corresponding effect on performance. The PoliWall® TIG applies 100 million risk assessed rules without causing latency or response degredations.
  • Continuously updated indicators. Threat intelligence streams are always updating with the most recent bad actor and threat indicators. PoliWall® TIG uses the most recent intelligence to prevent threats before you know about them.
  • New capabilities, real world threats. Automation and technology have yielded protection that's actually current, practical and effective at the scale of the real world threats. Using threat intelligence is no longer only the domain of sophisticated Enterprises.
  • Nothing else does this. Bandura's PoliWall® TIG products stand far above other threat intelligence gateways. Its the result of years of research, and advancing the state of the art in adaptive, intelligence based big data engineering.

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Improve the Performance of your Security Investments

  • Fewer Threats In = Fewer Threats Past. Fewer threats into the firewall means fewer threats get past the firewall (nothing is 100%).
  • Fewer undetected threats, it's that simple. No firewall catches everything. They can't possibly watch for every known threat because there are millions of them, that's not what firewalls are built to do. The PoliWall® TIG is built precisely to do that. By filtering everything - everything - between the internet and the firewall, less malicious traffic gets to the firewall. There are also less incidents to detect and respond to. The PoliWall® TIG applies up to 100 million risk-assessed rules based on near real time threat intelligence.
  • More effective blocking =  fewer events to respond to. Significantly reduce the staff's valuable time spent on detecting and responding to security instances. Customers report a sharp reduction in security-related support tickets.
  • 100 Million indicators vs. 30 thousand. On their best day, firewalls can handle 30,000 rule applications ... with a corresponding effect on performance. The PoliWall® TIG applies 100 million risk assessed rules, in both directions, without causing latency or response degradations. Your security investment improvement is magnified even further, because not only are there fewer instances to respond to, the load on the firewall is significantly reduced, improving firewall performance as well.
  • Less incidents to respond to. Save time and money by preventing threats before they enter in your network. Current customers report a 50% reduction in support tickets and a 60% reduction in time spent managing security tasks.
  • Richer analytics for EDR processes. Sophisticated Enterprise teams use all the information available to them to create detect & response capabilities and damage assessments. By using the results of traffic testing and rule applications on a scale three magnitudes greater than previously possible, the richness of information available to the analytic processes improves correspondingly.
  • Not custom hardware. With PoliWall® TIG you get innovative technology and not custom hardware. It is affordable at any scale as a physical or virtual appliance.

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