Reduce Risk Exposure to Cyber Attacks and Exploits

TechGuard Security provides cybersecurity support and expertise to federal clients such as: United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), Defense Security Service (DSS), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). TechGuard is highly credentialed to provide work in sensitive environments and prepared to provide expert-level advice and analysis to your organization.

The SHIELD solution delivers a PROGRAMMATIC APPROACH, combining highly engaging and relevant content, simulated phishing tests, robust tracking & analytics, and program management services – to help Organizations develop a security-minded culture, and ensure enterprise assets are protected by the critically important ‘human firewall’.

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Security Awareness Training

All Security Awareness Training includes our Cybersecurity Training Portal with multiple topics. Clients receive supplemental materials reinforce portal content and provide additional avenues for reaching the employee. Free, supplemental materials include: E-Newsletters, Posters, Job Aids, Digital Signage, and 1 Minute Videos.

Languages offered

English, German, French Canadian, Latin American Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French European, and Italian

Reports and Analytics

Our comprehensive analytics track user improvements and provide further actionable data, and because eLearning happens online, all employees have equal access to training, regardless of geographic location.

High-Quality Content

High-quality content demands to be taken seriously. Impactful course design engages users, ensuring higher retention rates. Continuous updates keep you ahead of the threat curve.

Targeted Training

Executives, IT professionals, and sales staff have markedly different day-to-day roles. Our training programs reflect that, ensuring that each user receives training specific to their needs.

Bonus Templates

As an added value to our customer, our portal package includes 26 additional bonus templates that can be used as a reinforcement tool and to foster sustained learning and cultural change.

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